Our Mission

We believe that the church exists to bring glory to God by communicating His word, the Bible, in a clear and accurate way.  Nothing is more important because the Bible is God’s message to humanity.  In it, we learn how to have a genuine, satisfying relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  We also learn how to live a meaningful life in a mixed up world.  Therefore, a passion to communicate the truth of the Bible shapes the ministry of Huron Baptist Church.  We pursue three simple objectives to accomplish this purpose:

Strengthen Christians in their faith

God intends that Christians grow spiritually through the teaching, encouragement, prayers, and true friendship of others.  HBC is a place where followers of Christ receive all of these benefits.

Share the good news of Jesus Christ with others

The good news of Jesus Christ is the core of our ministry because he is the solution to everyone’s greatest need.  We work together actively to introduce others to the Lord Jesus.

Extend the impact of our message around the world

We have a global vision for our ministry and support the work of establishing new churches in our region and throughout the world.

What We Believe

An Overview of the Biblical Doctrines Taught at HBC For further details on what we believe, see our complete Statement of Faith Upholding the Historic Christian Faith Huron Baptist Church upholds the essential biblical truths that have marked genuine Christianity through the centuries.

Meet Our Pastors


Senior Pastor

Steven Thomas has served as pastor of Huron Baptist Church in Flat Rock, Mi, since 1983. He holds the Master of Divinity and Master of Theology degrees from Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary and the Doctor of Ministry degree from Ligonier Academy. He is a Bible expositor and displays a passion for the clear, accurate, and relevant communication of the word of God. He serves as an adjunct professor of homiletics at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Plymouth, Minnesota. He also travels annually to the Far East to help train pastors. Pastor Thomas and his wife Sheree have two daughters and six grandchildren.

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