Upcoming Events

Worship Service

The Current Sermon Series The Pillar and Foundation of the Truth: A Study of 1 Timoth.  You can find the live stream for the service here.

Adult Bible Study

Beginning Wednesday, April 20 the adult Bible study will focus on the topic of disciple-making (cf. Matthew 28:19-20). It will use the training manual, Foundations: Bible Truths for Christian Growth.    

Men’s Meeting

Each month the men of the church, along with teen boys, meet for breakfast, discussion of important issues, and prayer.

Ministry in Action

Ministry In Action is an “open” Sunday designed to facilitate ministry review and planning. We set aside our usual evening service so that ministry leaders can schedule planning meetings that take place throughout the day. Please check the list of meetings posted in the church bulletin to find out which ones you need to attend.

DCM Prayer Meeting

Once per quarter, the monthly prayer meeting is organized according to Deacon Care Ministry groups. This allows the group to review upcoming ministry opportunities and pray specifically for those in their group.

Veterans Day

Let’s pray for our troops, giving thanks for the sacrifices that have secured our freedom and use that freedom to serve our great God.