July 31, 2022


In Luke 22:31-34 Jesus foretold Peter’s failure. Despite his bold assertion that he, of all people, would never fail to follow Jesus before the night was finished he would deny Jesus three times. The text reveals that Satan attempted to undermine the entire band of followers by causing Peter to fall away. But Jesus interceded on Peter’s behalf, thus preserving him from ultimate failure. He also predicted that Peter would be restored and be made useful in Jesus’ service.

The hymns selected for this service include themes found in the text: our propensity to fail, the Lord’s intercession for us, and the deep, preserving love he has for us.



Call to Worship      Psalm 51:12-17



Hymn 243      Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing

Scripture Reading      Psalm 139:1-24

Hymn 288      I Hear the Words of Love

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn 249      O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus

Message      Grace for the Day of Failure
Luke 22:31-34
Pastor Steven Thomas


Hymn Insert      Perseverance

Prayer Response       Eric Hicks

Benediction      John Miles