“Much of modern preaching is anemic, with the life-blood of God’s nature absent from the message. Evangelists center their message upon the man: “Man has sinned and missed a great blessing. If man wants to retrieve his immense loss he must act thus and so.” But the Gospel of Christ is very different. It begins with God and His glory. It tells men that they have offended a holy God, who will by no means pass by sin. It reminds sinners that the only hope of salvation is to be found in the grace and power of this same God. Christ’s Gospel sends men to beg pardon of the Holy One.”
― Walter Chantry

Sunday Service Videos

YouTube Live Stream Link. This page will switch to the current live stream channel once we go live. Live stream will start around 9:25 am. Refresh the page if the live stream does not appear. YouTube Live Stream Link OLD YouTube Live Stream Link Video recording of our Sunday worship service can be found on Vimeo.com. Click on the link below to…