Luke 10:1-16, Messengers of the Gospel

For a second time, Jesus sends his followers out on a preaching mission. This time, he did not limit the ministry to the Twelve. Their goal was to announce the coming of the long-awaited Messiah in every city, village, and hamlet. The text serves as a precursor to the church’s mission. In the sermon, we…

Luke 9:57-62, All In

As Jesus traveled through Samaria and on toward Jerusalem, he encountered three would-be disciples. They understood that discipleship meant following Jesus, but had not counted the cost. Jesus challenged their priorities, revealing the unconditional nature of discipleship. Follow Jesus. Nothing is more important.

Luke 9:51-56, Rejection, Mercy, and Judgment

The sermon text for this Lord’s Day contains an unusual story from the life of Jesus. On his way toward Jerusalem, Jesus was rejected by the people in the city of Samaria. James and John instinctively wanted them punished, but Jesus showed them mercy. Even so, the story develops with the idea of judgment lingering…

Luke 9:28-36, A Glimpse Through the Veil

In the ninth chapter of Luke, Peter proclaimed with certainty the identity of Jesus as the Christ. Immediately, Jesus explained that he must be crucified, die, and raised. He further explained that those who trust him will see him returning in glory. In the text for this Lord’s Day (Luke 9:28-36), Jesus gave three privileged…

Luke 9:23-27, A Fool’s Bargain

Peter had just declared that Jesus is the Christ of God (Luke 9:18-22). In the sermon text for this Lord’s Day, Jesus began to explain the implications of trusting in him. “Take up your cross and follow me,” he said. To trust him is to follow him; failure to follow him has eternal consequences.

Luke 9:1-9, On the King’s Mission

In the ninth chapter of Luke, Jesus’ Galilean ministry began to draw to a close. In a climactic act, Jesus sent out his disciples as an extension of his own ministry, charging them to proclaim his message of the Kingdom and empowering them to confirm the message through miraculous deeds.