Order of Service, April 28, 2024


Last week we looked at the third of three tests given in 1 John for determining whether or not we possess eternal life: the test of love for God’s people. We saw that since love originates from God, those who have life originating from God should show the love which also originates from Him. God’s life in someone is so inseparably linked to God’s love that John goes on to show that the absence of love demonstrates the absence of life. This week we will look at the next verses that show us the tangible demonstration of God’s love in sending His Son and its powerful implications for us.  

The elements of the service will focus on several things that demonstrate the greatness of God’s love: the greatness of the God from Whom this love comes, the great value of His Son Whom He sent, and the undeserving condition of those to Whom He showed this love.



Call to Worship:     Romans 5:6-8

Invocation:       Pastor Hamilton


Hymn 28:             How Great Thou Art 

Note: This hymn demonstrates the greatness of God by looking at His great creation of all the universe. This hymn also brings us to the second consideration of the infinitely valuable Person He lovingly sent to us, His Son. His shows His great love by willingly parting with Him in order to save us from our sin.

Worship through Giving

Hymn 21:          Fairest Lord Jesus!

Note: This hymn meditates on the beauties found in creation, but then compares them to the greater beauty found in Jesus Christ. “Jesus is fairer…purer, Who makes the woeful heart [that was guilty with sin] sing.”

Scripture Reading      John 15:1-17

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn 535        No, Not Despairingly

Note: We already considered the greatness of God and the great value of His Son whom He sent. Now we consider the great sinfulness of man to whom God sent His beloved Son. This hymn rightly captures the magnitude of sin as “infinite, infinite sin upon sin; Sin of not loving Thee, Sin of not trusting Thee, Infinite sin.” 

Message: Beloved, Do You Love One Another? (Part 2)
Text: 1 John 4:7-12
Pastor Ethan Hamilton


Hymn 26      Great God of Wonders

Note: We have considered the “glorious, matchless love” of God for sinners like ourselves in sending His beloved Son to die for our sin. If the pardon of God is accepted in view of the completed payment for sin by Christ, we can sing of the wonders of God’s grace in this hymn toward us. 

Prayer Response:      John Miles

Benediction:      John Miles