Order of Service, December 13, 2020


Throughout the tenth chapter of Luke, Jesus guided his disciples into a deeper understanding of what is means to follow him. In the final paragraph, Luke makes certain that we understand the devotion to Jesus and his teaching is a disciples’ one essential priority.

The hymns selected for the worship service proclaim the advent of our Lord Jesus, including his gracious purpose and our appropriate response.



Prelude: What Child Is This?

Call to Worship:     Isaiah 9:6-7



Hymn Insert (1-5, 7)     Savior of the Nations, Come

Note: This ancient hymn is a theologically rich description of the first advent of Jesus and expresses our longing for his second advent.

Hymn 89     Angels We Have Heard On High

Note: “Gloria in excelsis deo” is a Latin quotation of the announcement made by the angels to the shepherd on the night of Jesus’ birth: “Glory to God in the highest.” It is both an appropriate description of Jesus’ coming (glory displayed) and our response (glory proclaimed).

Scripture Reading:     Matthew 1:18-25

Note: An angel revealed to Joseph the unique origin of the child Mary carried. Far from being a myth, the Virgin Birth was an essential act of God. It enabled him to be the Savior of the world and the King of Israel.

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn Insert:       Gentle Mary Laid Her Child

Note: This simple, beautiful song frames the Christmas story with amazement: “Such a Babe in such a place, can He be the Savior?” Those who know him echo the praises of the angels to “praise His name in all the earth.”

Message:      The One Essential Thing
Luke 10:38-42
Pastor Steven Thomas


Hymn Insert:      O Lord, How Shall I Meet You

Note: How will we welcome this Lord who came so long ago? This Christmas hymn begins with a prayer that the Lord will kindle within us the desire and ability to “do…all that my please [Him] best.”  We will sing this hymn to a familiar tune (hymn 11).

Prayer Response:     Mark Buhr

Benediction:      John Miles