Order of Service, December 22, 2019


Merry Christmas!

This Lord’s Day we will finish our look at Simeon’s word to Mary and Joseph. He predicted that their Son, Jesus, would bring radical division between people and would reveal what is really in the hearts of all people. He added that Jesus would bring great sorrow to Mary. What did Simeon mean by this prophecy and how would it be fulfilled?

Our sermon will explore the sacrificial work of Christ and its effect in the lives of all who hear his message.



Call to Worship     1 Timothy 1:15-16



Hymn 88     O Come, All Ye Faithful

Worship through Giving
Response: Hymn 103     What Child Is This?

Hymn 112     Away in a Manger

Note: This beautiful hymn is attributed to Martin Luther and was written for children. Luther was determined to teach the message of Christ to children through hymns and catechism.

Hymn Insert     Behold, the Great Creator

Note: This theologically rich Christmas carol tells the story with the appropriate starting point: the eternal Son of God. It highlights the mystery of the Creator inhabiting the clay he created, the eternal, mighty Word now a baby crying. (The word “aye” at the end of verse 1 means “forever”).

Scripture Reading      Titus 2:1-15

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn 108     We Three Kings

Note: This classic Christmas carol is well-known and well-loved. Technically, now one knows how many magi traveled from the east to visit Jesus. The traditional number three comes from the three types of gifts they brought. This hymn uses the gifts as symbols of the identity and sacrifice of Jesus.

Message     The Grace of God has Appeared
Luke 2:34-35
Pastor Steven Thomas


Hymn 90     Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

Note: In the final verse of Charles Wesley’s classic hymn, we acknowledge and embrace Christ and his saving work.

Prayer Response     Jon Lont

Benediction     John Miles

Hymn 109     Silent Night! Holy Night!