Order of Service, December 26, 2021


Luke chapter 18 began with a parable that taught the disciples to pray for the coming kingdom (Luke 1-8). The sermon text for this Lord’s Day adds a second parable about prayer. This parable explains what God requires of those who enter the kingdom. We must humble ourselves before him and seek his mercy.

The hymns chosen for this service focus on the theme of mercy.



Call to Worship:     1 Peter 1:3-5



Hymn:     Not What My Hands Have Done

Notes:  We begin our service with this reminder of the gospel message. The cross unmasks our proud independence and exposes our inadequacy; we can never please God on our own: “not what my hands have done can save my guilty soul.”  We come to the Savior, trusting him alone for mercy.

Hymn:     Depth of Mercy

Notes:  This moving hymn confesses sin in vivid language and humbly expresses amazement at the availability of God’s mercy. Jesus, through his death, “disarms the wrath of God” so that now the Father “receives me with his love.” Praise God that his mercy is never depleted by our sin.

Scripture Reading:     Psalm 103:1-22

Note: In this Psalm, David offers enthusiastic praise to God (“Bless the Lord” 6 times) for his loyal love demonstrated most clearly in his forgiveness and mercy.

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn:     God Be Merciful to Me

Note: God calls us to himself requiring only repentant faith as we trust the mercy and grace extended to us through his Son, Jesus. So, we sing words shaped by the repentant prayer of David (Psalm 51).

Message: Two Men Went Up to Pray
Luke 18:9-14
Pastor Steven Thomas


Hymn:     Come, Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy

Notes:  We conclude the worship service with a hymn that gives voice to the gospel call.  It pleads with “sinners, poor and needy,” to come to Jesus.  Come to him! Why would you delay? (Please note:  our hymnal includes this hymn, but with a modified chorus and different tune.  Therefore, we provide an insert of the version we know).

Prayer Response:      John Miles

Benediction:      John Miles