Order of Service, December 30, 2018


In the sermon text for this Lord’s Day (2 Corinthians 4:7-12), Paul began to explain the nature of his ministry of the glorious New Covenant message of Christ. False teachers presented themselves as celebrity ministers, but Paul’s ministry was marked by weakness, persecution, and suffering. This is not an anomaly, but rather the design of God who enhances the glory of the gospel message by propagating it through frail vessels, it is “treasure in jars of clay.”

The hymn selections will focus on our work propagating the message of Christ and God’s work of molding his fragile messengers.



We encourage you to use the time during the musical prelude for prayer and reflection.

Call to Worship     Psalm 8:1-9



Hymn HBC 1     Ye Servants of God, Your Master Proclaim

Note: Paul spent his life proclaiming the message of Christ, his Master. We share this responsibility to “publish abroad his wonderful name.”

Worship through Giving
Congregational Response: Hymn HBC 39     The King of Love My Shepherd Is

Note: This hymn serves as an appropriate response to the time of worship through giving. It declares that the Lord provides for all the needs his sheep may have. It is also fitting to the sermon text because it expresses our confidence in the Lord’s care and protection for his own.

Hymn 547     Have Thine Own Way, Lord

Note: This hymn has been overused and sometimes abused by some churches. Consequently, we seldom sing it. However, it aptly describes the heart’s response to the gospel. It is especially appropriate to the sermon text which describes the servant of the Lord as a “clay pot” that preserves the treasure of the gospel: “Thou are the potter, I am the clay; Mold me and make me after Thy will.”

Scripture Reading     Psalm 32:1-11

Note: David describes his experience of joy that followed repentance and forgiveness of sins. In response to the Lord’s mercy, David devoted himself to proclaiming the goodness of God and instructing others regarding the Lord’s loyal love (observe the transition in verse 8).

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn HBC 34     Perseverance

Note: John Newton’s hymn echoes the ideas in the sermon text. He confesses our weakness and feeble arm; he admits our foes and danger of fainting. And yet, he calls us by faith to see Christ “always near” and that being true, he asks, “what have you to fear?”

Message     Treasure in Jars of Clay
2 Corinthians 4:7-12
Pastor Steven Thomas


Hymn Insert     Fragile Jars of Clay

Note: This is a new hymn written specifically for the sermon text. It describes our mission to go and to proclaim the hope we have in Jesus, carried out as “fragile jars of clay.” Our appropriate response is, “We gladly will obey.”

Prayer Response     Mark Buhr

Benediction     John Miles