Order of Service, February 14, 2021


In the sermon text for this Lord’s Day (Luke 11:14-26) focuses on a controversy that arose after Jesus performed an exorcism. The passage does not focus on the details of the miracle, but rather the source of Jesus’ power and, thus, the identity of Jesus. In a context that weaves together themes of God’s final victory over the evil and Messiah’s establishment of an eternal kingdom, the reader is brought to a moment of decision: Who is Jesus Christ—and what will you do with him?

The hymns selected for the worship service proclaim that Jesus Christ is the King who vanquishes sin and the devil and will return to rule.




Call to Worship:     Psalm 24:9-10



Hymn 13     Rejoice, the Lord is King!

Notes:  Charles Wesley’s exuberant hymn calls us to rejoice. It also reflects other themes found in the sermon text, specifically Christ’s ultimate victory over all his foes.

Hymn 333      How Sad Our State

Notes: This classic hymn reminds us of the true human condition. At one time, we were slaves to sin, our minds held captive by Satan (v. 1). But God took the initiative to do for us what we could never do for ourselves.  His “voice of sov’reign grace [sounded] from the sacred Word” to call us to faith in Jesus.

Scripture Reading:     Colossians 2:6-15

Note: In this passage, Paul describes Christ’s victory over the evil one.

Hymn      I Greet Thee Who My Sure Redeemer Art

Note: With this hymn, we welcome the Savior. In the second verse, we acknowledge him as the King whose very character is mercy. We express submission to him and pray that He will transform us completely (“our whole being sway”).

Pastoral Prayer

Message:      “Lunatic, Liar, or Lord?”
Luke 11:14-26
Pastor Steven Thomas


Hymn HBC 16     Lo! He Comes with Clouds Descending

Note: The sermon text moves us to anticipate the day Jesus will return as Judge. This majestic hymn taps our imagination to “see” Christ, who was “once for favored sinners slain,” now coming to reign and to judge. And so we sing, “O come quickly; alleluia! Come, Lord, come.”

Prayer Response:     Jeremy Sherrill

Benediction:      John Miles