Order of Service, February 28, 2021


In Luke 11:29-32 (last week’s sermon text), Jesus warned against the judgment that would fall on those who rejected him and his message. In the text for this Lord’s Day, Jesus compares his message to light and speaks of its value.

The hymns selected for the worship service include the theme of light, honoring Christ as the Light of the World.



Prelude     No Other Plea
Andrew and Jen Lont

Call to Worship:     Psalm 27:1



Hymn 23        Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise

Note:  We sing of God’s transcendent character. He is beyond our ability to grasp fully, but we can know him truly because he graciously makes himself known to his people. “All praise we would render: O help us to see ‘Tis only the splendour of light hideth Thee.”

Hymn Insert     Not What My Hands Have Done

Notes:  The cross unmasks our proud independence and exposes our inadequacy; we can never please God on our own.  “Not what my hands have done can save my guilty soul.”  Where, then, is salvation found?  “Thy work alone, O Christ . . . Thy blood alone, O Lamb of God.”  Through Christ, God becomes “my God, my joy, my light.”

Scripture Reading:     John 9:1-41

Note: In this passage, Jesus performed a remarkable miracle to illustrate the spiritual truth that he is the “Light of the World.”

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn 462     Be Thou My Vision

Note: The “high King of heaven” is the subject of this hymn. It is a prayer that he will fill our vision, will take his rightful place as “first in my heart.” We sing of him, “Thou my best thought, by day or by night, Waking or sleeping, Thy presence my light.”

Message:      The Light of the World
Luke 11:33-36
Pastor Steven Thomas


Hymn: Thy Strong Word

Note: Rich metaphors layer our final hymn as it describes the work of the Triune God in our salvation. Light is the theme. The first verse echoes Genesis 1, attributing creation to God’s “strong Word,” a double entre for Christ (John 1:1-3). This strong Word created light, but more important was the Light that broke into a world of darkness, an allusion to the incarnation of Christ. The Light, the Word, declares righteous all who embrace the glorious work of the cross. The final two verses offer prayer that God will help us fulfill the Great Commission for the glory of the Triune God. “Give us lips to sing Thy glory, Tongues Thy mercy to proclaim!”

Prayer Response:     Bill Cunnien

Benediction:      John Miles