Order of Service, January 22, 2023


The sermon for this Lord’s Day is the second of two messages designed to introduce a new sermon series. The series will follow the path laid out in a famous historical confession of faith, topic by topic. Some might ask why if a document produced centuries ago is relevant for today. The author of Hebrews answers that question in today’s sermon text. Remembering the faith of previous generations is neither a fad nor an irrelevant pursuit. In fact, it is an expression of faithfulness.

The hymns selected for this service help us remember the generations of believers who brought the truth of God to us, as well as our responsibility to the generations to come.



Call to Worship:     Hebrews 12:1-2



Hymn       All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name

Note:  Our first hymn is a joy-filled anthem of praise that declares the sovereign power of the Lord Jesus. It calls all people of God (angels, martyrs, believing Israel, and Gentiles throughout the world) to unite in praise and crown his Lord of all! It reminds us of the union shared with believers across generations. By his grace, we are included in the multitude that will honor him throughout eternity.

Worship through Giving

Hymn 4       Praise Ye Jehovah

Note: We stand in a line of Christian “heroes” who have served faithfully in the past: “battle-scarred victors at rest from the fray.” And it declares our determination to stand with them, “praying, contending, proclaiming, defending” the faith of our fathers. We praise Jehovah for “glories awaiting, prizes He giveth and crowns to be won!”

Scripture Reading     Jude 1-25

Note: Jude referred to the body of doctrine contained in Scripture as “the faith.” The faith has been delivered to all believers, once for all and unchanging. He summoned believers to “contend” (fight) for this faith.

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn 49       O God Our Help in Ages Past

Note: We serve the true and living God who oversees history and helps and protects his people in every generation. He secures us with his mighty arm and will bring us home when life comes to an end.

Message:  Truth Matters—Then and Now, Part 2
Hebrews 13:7-8
Pastor Steven Thomas


Hymn 643      For All the Saints

Note: Christians stand in the lineage of faithful generations who “by faith before the world confessed” Jesus as their Lord. We resolve to fight nobly as they did and anticipate the day when praise to the Triune God will come from “earth’s wide bounds.”

Prayer Response:      David Snoeberger

Benediction:      John Miles