Order of Service, January 24, 2021


The sermon for this Lord’s Day will explore the implications of the final petition contained in Luke’s account of the Lord’s Prayer (Luke 11:1-4). It is a disciple’s plea for the Lord’s protection against the persistent temptation of sin.

The hymns selected for the worship service acknowledge our propensity toward sin and the Lord’s provision to save and protect all those who seek his help.



Prelude     Comfort Ye (Isaiah 40:1-3)

Handel’s Messiah
Jan Buhr

Call to Worship:     Psalm 28:6-7



Hymn 243:     Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing

Notes: Our first hymn calls on the Lord to help us praise him in worship-filled song. The lyrics weave together two biblical images of Christ’s redeeming work: He is the source of life-giving water and he is the Shepherd who gathers and keeps his sheep. The final verse acknowledges our indebtedness the Lord for his grace because we are “prone to wander.” And so we pray, “Let thy goodness, like a fetter, bind my wandering heart to thee.”

Hymn 81     Hail, Thou Once Despised Jesus!

Note: We praise the Lord for the reconciliation he brought between rebel sinners and a holy God through the merit of his life and the atonement of his death. The third stanza praises him for his continuing work before the Father’s throne.

There for sinners Thou art pleading,
There Thou dost our place prepare,
Ever for us interceding,
Till in glory we appear.

Scripture Reading:     Psalm 27:1-14

Note: David declares his confident assurance that the Lord is “the stronghold of my life” who secures him against every evil opponent. In the final verse, he commends such unwavering trust in the Lord to us.

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn 588:      A Mighty Fortress is our God

Note: Jesus instructed his followers to pray for the Lord’s protection from evil that originates within and without. Martin Luther’s majestic hymn reminds us that today the evil we face in our lives and our mission. Our ancient foe rages against us, and if we depend on our own strength, our “striving would be losing. Yet we know the outcome of it all because we have the “right man on our side.”

Message:      Protect Us, Lord
Luke 11:4
Pastor Steven Thomas


Hymn (Insert):      Approach, My Soul, the Mercy Seat

Note: John Newton’s heart-felt hymn is a prayer of confession set to a new tune by our friend, pastor Paul Hamilton. It calls us to prayer offered in confidence that our Lord hears us and protects us.

Bowed down beneath a load of sin,
By Satan sorely pressed,
By war without and fears within,
I come to Thee for rest.
Be Thou my shield and hiding-place,
That, sheltered by Thy side,
I may my fierce accuser face,
And tell him Thou hast died.

Prayer Response:     The Lord’s Prayer
Pastor Thomas

Hymn (HLG 345):      May the Grace of Christ My Savior

Note: We offer this benedictory hymn in view of the emphasis on mutual intercession found throughout the Lord’s Prayer.

The lyrics are simple and profound:

May the grace of Christ our Savior
and the Father’s boundless love,
with the Holy Spirit’s favor,
rest upon us from above.

Thus may we abide in union
with each other and the Lord,
and possess, in sweet communion,
joys which earth cannot afford.

Please review the hymn using the link provided above. If you prefer, you may listen to the tune here: BEACH SPRING.

Benediction:      John Miles