Order of Service, January 9, 2022


Luke 18 contains a series of stories and events placed together to drive home the point that the self-reliance of Jesus’ opponents was misguided. Only those who come to Jesus with a sense of their own helplessness and need can enter the kingdom. The sermon text (Luke 18:18-30) records Jesus’ encounter with a man who seemed to have everything. But, in the end, he walked away without the thing that he truly needed: a Savior-King.

The hymns selected for this service remind us of our utter dependence on Jesus alone to bring us to God.


Prelude:     All Creatures of Our God and King
Scott and Jill Johnson

Call to Worship:     Psalm 25:4-10


Hymn Insert:     I Greet Thee Who My Sure Redeemer Art

Note: This hymn prepares us for worship by welcoming the Savior, acknowledging our utter dependence on him, and expressing full devotion to him. The gospel leaves no room for self-trust, so the final verse says, “Our hope is in no other save in Thee; our faith is built upon thy promise free.”


Hymn 3:     Holy, Holy, Holy

Note: In the sermon text, Jesus declared that no one is good except God alone as he asked a question laden with meaning, “Why do you call me good?” Only one Being possesses intrinsic perfection, the Triune God. This beloved hymn declares God’s incomparable holiness with its three-fold declaration. The third verse makes the point even more obvious: “Only thou are holy, there is none beside thee.”

Scripture Reading:     Philippians 4:b-11

Note: In his early life, the apostle Paul was not unlike the rich young ruler in our text. He trusted his own “goodness,” his ability to keep the Law of Moses. But when he met Jesus, his self-trust vanished. Jesu became everything to him.

Prepared Music:     Where He Leads Me I Will Follow (Governor)
Scott and Jill Johnson

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn 462:     Be Thou My Vision

Note: The “high King of heaven” is the subject of this hymn. It is a prayer that he will fill our vision, that we will give him his rightful place as “first in my heart.” Of significance to the “rich, young, ruler” is the third verse: “Riches I heed not, nor man’s empty praise; Thou mine inheritance, now and always.”

Message: Camels, Needles, and Rich Men
Luke 18:18-30
Pastor Steven Thomas


Prepared Music:     I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say
Scott and Jill Johnson

Notes:  Horatius Bonar, 19th-century minister in Scotland, left a rich legacy of hymns. This is, perhaps, the best known. He framed it as the response of faith. Each verse begins, “I heard the voice of Jesus say” and concludes, “I came/I looked to Jesus.” Significantly verse 1 says, “I came to Jesus as I was.” Imperfect and lost, those who turn to Jesus find forgiveness and blessing.

Prayer Response:      Joel Owen

Hymn:     Doxology

Benediction:      John Miles