Order of Service, June 6, 2021


This Lord’s Day our guest speaker is Ryan Martin, pastor of First Baptist Church, Granite Falls, MN. He will preach from Exodus 18, a text that tells a story of Moses’ interaction with his father-in-law, Jethro. Of this passage, Dr. Martin says:

The story of Jethro is primarily given to us to make this important point: All men ought to give the true God glory for his wonderful works. Even during this time of salvation history where God is dealing primarily with Israel, God’s dealings with them is intended to bring all the nations to confess that Yahweh is the true God. Every man, woman, and child ought to give God the glory due his name. How?

    1. They Rejoice to Hear of God’s Deliverance
    2. They Worship God Alone
    3. They Emphasize the Word of God

The hymns selected for the worship service emphasize praise rooted in the character and deeds of God. They extol His greatness displayed in deliverance, call all people to join in His praise, and declares the value of God’s Word which is eternal truth.




Call to Worship:     Micah 7:15-19



Hymn 27:      Mighty God, While Angels Bless Thee

We stand amazed that as mere mortals God allows us to join with angels to proclaim the praise of our mighty God. In view of Christ’s “free redemption,” we resolve to break our “guilty silence.”  “Silent I can never be, for salvation’s wondrous story . . . .”

Hymn 49:     O God, Our Help in Ages Past

Note: There is no “god” like the LORD. He is the great deliverer of his people. This fact remains true throughout the span of time. He delivered and protected his own in ages past, today his “arm” secures our defense, and he remains our hope for tomorrow.

Scripture Reading:     Exodus 18:1-27

Note: The Lord is the central character in the sermon text for this worship service. He displayed his greatness to the nations in his deliverance of Israel from Egypt, resulting in his rightful praise.

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn      Psalm 100

Note: Psalm 100 calls all people to worship our Maker with joy and thanksgiving. It extols his greatness and goodness, as well as the abiding character of his Word.

Hymn     Psalm 17b

Note: This Psalm also calls all people to praise the Creator for his redeeming mercy and his Word, in which abides eternal truth.

Message:      Now I Know That the Lord Is Greater
Text: Exodus 18:1-27
Speaker: Ryan Martin


Hymn 54:     O Blessed God! How Kind

Note: We respond with praise directed to God for his kindness shown in our deliverance. His thoughts, unknowable but revealed in his word, are precious to us. The final verse traces the work of saving grace back to God’s sovereign plan. O blessed God, indeed!

Prayer Response:     Michael Carlyle

Benediction:      Mark Williams