Order of Service, June 9, 2019


Mark Buhr will lead the service this Lord’s Day. He says, “The last sermon I preached was from Galatians 5:16-18. I’d like to pick it up from there today and look at 5:19-23. Are you a believer? That is, have you been saved from your sinfulness by faith in Christ alone? If so, the Holy Spirit of God indwells you and produces radical change in you. Have you and others around you seen that radical change demonstrated in your life over the years? None of us is perfect. We saw last time that we have an ongoing battle between the flesh and the Spirit and that battle will be there as long as we are in these bodies of flesh. But as believers, the Holy Spirit is at work in us and is producing changed lives. Does your life demonstrate a radical difference from the world and from how you once lived? Let’s pray that the Holy Spirit will challenge us and that we’ll be submissive to His Word today.”


Call to Worship     Psalm 143:10



Hymn 63     Come Thou Almighty King

Notes: The Triune God gives us victory in our daily walk. This song is a prayer for God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to reign over us and live in us and through us.

Worship through Giving
Congregational Response: Hymn 141      Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed?

Notes: This is a fitting response to our worship through giving, but also is a commitment to give of ourselves fully to God and not to the flesh.

HBC 7     His Robes for Mine

Notes: The only hope for us to live righteously in this life is that, as believers, we are clothed in Christ’s righteousness.

Pastoral Prayer

Scripture Reading     Psalm 119:1-16

Notes: The Spirit uses the word of God to transform the lives of those who trust God. This Psalm is the longest chapter in the Bible. Every verse focuses on the Scriptures. Notice particularly verses 9 and 11 which reveal the secret of the transformed life.

Hymn 588     A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

Notes: As long as we are in these bodies of flesh, we are in a spiritual battle. Martin Luther said it well that, though we will be opposed by the world, the flesh and Satan himself, we have the Spirit of God Who sides with us and gives victory.

Message     A Radical Difference
Galatians 5:19-23
Mark Buhr


Hymn 208     For Thy Gift of God, the Spirit

Notes: This song speaks so well of the ministry that the Holy Spirit has within us, through Christ and through the Word of God. He comes to make His life our own; He gives us a sense of sin; He gives significance to God’s Word and intercedes for us; He strengthens us and gives victory over Satan and sin; we must grant Him rule in our lives.

Prayer Response     John Miles

Dismissal     John Miles