Order of Service, March 21, 2021


Today Pastor Thomas is out of town and Mark Buhr will bring the message from God’s Word. We will return to Galatians 6 where we left off last year. In 6:1-2 we learn that we are responsible to restore those who have fallen into sin and to bear one another’s burdens. Today’s passage (6:3-5) says that we cannot do that in a spirit of pride or selfishness. The worship service today will focus on the fact that we are to practice selfless service; and that can only be done when we remember who we are in the light of Who God is.

Preparation for Worship


Prelude: I Will Trust When I Cannot See

Jan Buhr

Call to Worship:  Ephesians 2:1-10



Hymn 54 O Blessed God! How Kind

Note: This hymn reminds us of God’s kindness in pursuing us when we were darkened in our understanding and enemies of God. Yet, in His sovereignty, He had “Eternal thoughts of love” to us and His sovereign grace subdued us and delivered us.

Hymn 70 O For a Heart to Praise My God

Note: We cry out for “a heart to praise my God,” not self; “a heart resigned, submissive, meek,” “where Jesus reigns alone;” “a humble, lowly contrite heart;” a heart that is “a copy, Lord, of Thine.” This is the heart that produces selfless service.

Scripture Reading:   Galatians 5:13 – 6:5

Note: This passage sets the context for the message from God’s Word today. Spiritual people are not fleshly people; they walk in the Spirit; are led by the Spirit; live by the Spirit; and keep in step with the Spirit of God. Their fruit is very different from the fruit of those who gratify the desires of the flesh. These are true believers—Spirit-led people.

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn HBC 20 A Charge to Keep I Have

Note: Believers have a charge to glorify God and to serve this present age for Him. Oh that we would not betray our trust!

Hymn HBC 23 May the Mind of Christ, My Savior

Note: We long to have the mind of Christ, our Savior living in us, controlling all we do and say. Because of Christ’s work on the cross to save us and sanctify us, our song is that others may look upon us, forget the channel and see only Him.

Message:    Too High to Help

Galatians 6:3-5

Mark Buhr


Hymn 539 Something for Thee

Note: Let us to ask God for a faithful heart with a likeness to God so that each day may see some work of love, some deed of kindness, some wanderer sought and won, something for our Savior.

Prayer Response:   Joel Owen

Benediction:   John Miles