Order of Service, March 28, 2021


Mark Buhr will bring the message from God’s Word again today. In Galatians 5 and 6, Paul has been talking about what it means to walk in the Spirit—to be spiritual. As he’s wrapping up his letter, he says in 6:1-2 that we should minister to others by helping to restore those who have fallen into sin and by carrying one another’s burdens. In 6:10 he says we should do as much as we can to minister to all people, especially believers. Couched in between, in today’s passage (6:6), he says that we must minister to those who minister to us. The worship service today will focus on partnership in the ministry of the Word.

Preparation for Worship


Prelude: Lift Up Your Heads, O Ye Gates

From Handel’s Messiah, Jan Buhr

Call to Worship:  Psalm 78:1-4



Hymn HBC 33 (1-3):   A Lord’s Day Anthem

Pastor Thomas wrote this hymn as A Lord’s Day Anthem. The first three verses are a Call to Worship. We come before the Lord with eager hearts to hear His Word; and asking Him to reveal the glories of His name afresh, causing our faith to grow.

Hymn 213:   O Word of God Incarnate

In this hymn we thank God for the Word of God that lights pour path and directs our steps. And we learn of God’s truth through His Word as His church.

Scripture Reading:  1 Thessalonians 2-3

The Apostle Paul records how he had faithfully taught the believers in Thessalonica. But not only had he faithfully and humbly and thoroughly taught them, they had responded to the teaching and were obedient to it. He loved them dearly and they loved him and, when he could no longer be there to minister to them, he sent Timothy to pick up the leadership and teaching role. And the church responded well to Timothy’s ministry, too.

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn Insert (tune of 486):  O God Who Makes Our Souls to Shine

Today’s sermon passage speaks of the partnership between teachers and learners; between the shepherd of the church and the sheep. This hymn asks God to bless this relationship in the church. Mark Buhr has modified all of the verses to more fully fit the message today.

Hymn HBC 25:  I Love the Church

We love the church that is guarded and fed by shepherds God provides; that is a family; that is the pillar of God’s Word. We love the church because we love her Lord!

Message:  Partnership in the Ministry of the Word

Galatians 6:6

Mark Buhr


Hymn HBC 33 (4-6):  A Lord’s Day Anthem

We sing the final three verses of this hymn as a benediction, joyful that God has met with us today, and resolved to live as worthy children of God.

Prayer Response:  Mike Towry

Benediction: John Miles