Order of Service, March 8, 2020


Immediately following Jesus’ baptism, the Holy Spirit directed him into the wilderness for a grueling fast. At the end of the fast, the devil presented him with a three-fold temptation. He tempted Jesus to satisfy himself apart from God, to achieve success through false worship, and to promote himself by testing God. Jesus passed the trial with unwavering trust in God’s word. In his victory, Jesus not only showed us the path for our own victory over the evil one, but he took the first step in fulfilling the promise of Genesis 3:15.

The hymns in our worship service remind us of the reality of our spiritual conflict, the essential requirement of trusting the word of God, and the cross work of Christ that enables us to defeat the evil one, also.



Call to Worship     Psalm 97:10-12



Hymn 588     A Mighty Fortress is our God

Note: Martin Luther reminds us that the battle with the evil one is real, but “right man” is on our side. That man is Christ, “Lord Sabaoth” (Lord of Hosts).

Worship through Giving

Response: Hymn 560     Take My Life and Let It Be

Hymn HBC 30     My Jesus Fair

Note: The Lord promised to Eve that One would come who would defeat the evil one and reverse the effects of the Fall. Unlike Adam, Jesus faced the tempter and emerged victorious. He is the second or “Last Adam” (cf. 1 Corinthians 15:45) whose death in our place restores us and gives us victory over evil.

Scripture Reading      Genesis 3:1-24

Note: This is a familiar description of the origin of the human problem. In the midst of the dark story of the victory of the evil one, a glimmer of hope occurs in verse 15—the promise of the Christ.

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn Insert     If You But Trust in God to Guide You

Note: Jesus was unwavering in his trust in God’s word. This hymn encourages us to the same faithful trust.

Message     Paradise Regained
Luke 4:1-11
Pastor Steven Thomas


Hymn Insert     Jesus, Tempted in the Desert

Note: This hymn, sung to a familiar tune, recounts the details of Jesus’ suffering and victory as he confronted the evil one. It concludes with our commitment to rely on Him when we face the trials of life.

Prayer Response     Jon Lont

Benediction     John Miles