Order of Service, May 1, 2022


The sermon text for this Lord’s Day is Luke 20:41-21:4. At first glance, it seems to contain three unrelated mini-stories of the events that occurred during Christ’s Passion Week. Upon closer examination, they are related. The religious leaders had been questioning Jesus, attempting to entrap him so that they could condemn him. In Luke 20:41-44, Jesus countered with a question of his own based on David’s words in Psalm 110. He exposed their failure to understand and believe the Scriptures which resulted in their refusal to follow him. Instead, their behavior revealed their one true commitment: self-interest (20:45-47). In contrast, Jesus pointed out the selfless devotion of a poor widow as the perfect example of the faithfulness he desires.

The hymns for this service reflect themes emphasized in the sermon: the importance and sufficiency of the Scriptures and work of Christ, our Savior and King.



Call to Worship:     Hebrews 1:1=4


Hymn (Insert, 1-3)      A Lord’s Day Anthem

Notes:  This hymn expresses our desire to hear the Word of God and our longing for its transforming work within us.  These desires rest upon our faith in the risen Christ, remembered each Lord’s Day.


Hymn 610     How Firm a Foundation

Notes: The religious leaders Jesus confronted ignored the Scriptures’ clear teaching about Christ. But we sing, “How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord, Is laid for your faith in his excellent Word!” Its message is complete and sufficient; we need no other word. We build on it for this life and the next.

Scripture Reading     Psalm 110:1-7

Note: Jesus quoted this psalm when he confronted the religious leaders with David’s statement that the Christ was his Lord. How could he simultaneously be David’s Son and David’s Lord? The New Testament writers saw the significance of this issue. No wonder Psalm 110 became the Psalm most frequently quoted in the New Testament!

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn 150     ‘Tis the Christ

Note: We recently sang this song during our Good Friday service. We sing it again in this service because it cites Jesus’ words in the sermon text and reveals his identity as God’s promised King. He is David’s Son, yet David’s Lord, the Lord’s Anointed. At his first coming, he paid our debt of sin that we might enter his Kingdom: “See him dying on the tree! ‘Tis the Christ by man rejected; yes, my soul, ‘tis he, ‘tis he!”

Message:  The Question that Evokes Hubris or Humility
Luke 20:41-21:4
Pastor Steven Thomas


Hymn 13     Rejoice, the Lord is King!

Notes:  Charles Wesley’s exuberant hymn calls us to rejoice and give thanks because Christ is our King. This hymn is the antithesis of the reception Jesus received in Jerusalem in Luke 19-21. But rejection was not the final outcome. Jesus reigns and “his kingdom cannot fail.” He shall come, defeat his foes, and all our sins destroy. Thus we “rejoice in glorious hope!”

Prayer Response:      Dr. Robert Teachout

Benediction:      John Miles

Hymn (Insert, 4-6)      A Lord’s Day Anthem

Notes:  Having heard the Word of God “in sermon, song, and prayer,” our hearts “swell with sober joy.”  The end result of our time of corporate worship is that we “rise resolved to live as worthy children of our God.”