Order of Service, May 19, 2024


This Lord’s Day, we are happy to have Pastor Michael Riley as our guest speaker. A former member of our church, Pastor Riley and his family live in Wakefield, Michigan, where he pastors Calvary Baptist Church. He will preach about place of honor that Jesus now holds as described in Hebrews 1:1-4.

The elements of our service offer praise to the Lord Jesus because of his “once for all” sacrifice that secured our salvation and the exalted position he now holds, seated at the Father’s right hand.



Call to Worship:       Psalm 98:1-3

Invocation       Pastor Thomas


Hymn 13        Rejoice, the Lord is King!

Notes:  Charles Wesley’s exuberant hymn calls us to rejoice and give thanks because Christ is our King. Jesus was rejected by the religious rulers precisely because they did not want him as King. But he is the Savior and King for all who trust him.. Thus we “rejoice in glorious hope!”

Worship through Giving

Hymn 136      Not All the Blood of Beasts

Note: Isaac Watts probably had Hebrews 10 in mind as he penned the lyrics of this hymn. In it, he distinguishes the wonderful difference between the endless sacrifices in Israel’s temple and the one sacrifice accomplished by Jesus, the Lamb of God. 

Scripture Reading      Hebrews 10:1-14

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn      Arise, My Soul, Arise

Notes:  Jesus is the Priest who brings us to God. This hymn reminds us of the “five bleeding wounds he bears, received on Calvary” to secure our forgiveness. The guilt that separated us from God is gone! Christ’s continuing intercession sustains and keeps us. Hence our confident cry, “Arise, my soul, arise! Shake off thy guilty fears.”

Message: The Place of Honor of Christ
Text: Hebrews 1:1-4
Pastor Michael Riley


Hymn Insert      Thy Strong Word

Note: Rich metaphors layer our final hymn as it describes the work of the Triune God in our salvation. Light is the theme. The first verse echoes Genesis 1, attributing creation to God’s “strong Word,” a double entre for Christ (John 1:1-3). This strong Word created light, but more important was the Light that broke into a world of darkness, an allusion to the incarnation of Christ. The Light, the Word, declares righteous all who embrace the glorious work of the cross. The final two verses offer prayer that God will help us fulfill the Great Commission for the glory of the Triune God. “Give us lips to sing Thy glory, Tongues Thy mercy to proclaim!”

Prayer Response:      Mark Williams

Benediction:      John Miles