Order of Service, May 5, 2024


In 1 Timothy, Paul instructed Timothy to set things in order in the churches in Ephesus. The first order of business was to establish well-ordered worship. This was the concern addressed in chapter two. In 2:8-10, Paul discussed the way men and women are to conduct themselves in worship, offering correction to improper behavior. His guidance makes it clear that his concerns were no merely superficial. He was concerned about underlying issues of the heart.

The elements of our worship service focus on the subject of worship and specifically highlight themes in the sermon text: prayer and godliness.


Prelude       Credo
Andrew and Will Lont, Lydia Hamilton

Call to Worship:     1 Chronicles 16:23-29

Invocation       Pastor Hamilton


Hymn 46       O Worship the King

Note: Based on Psalm 104, this hymn calls us to worship our great God, the King who is glorious, almighty, loving, eternal, and gracious. What an amazing privilege belongs to us; “frail children of dust, and feeble as frail” are invited into his presence!

Worship through Giving

Hymn Insert       Lord, Teach Us How to Pray Aright

Note: Paul instructed Timothy to teach the church in Ephesus to make prayer a priority and to pray properly. In the lyrics of James Montgomery’s theologically rich hymn, we ask the Lord to teach us this same lesson.

Scripture Reading      Psalm 24:1-10

Note: This psalm asks, “who shall ascend the hill of the Lord?” The hill of the Lord speaks of the location of the tabernacle, the center of Israel’s worship in that day. So who can approach God in worship? The answer is the one who has clean hands and a pure heart. Paul likely referred to this verse when hs spoke of “holy hands.”

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn 462       Be Thou My Vision

Note: The “high King of heaven” is the subject of this hymn. It is a prayer that he will fill our vision, that we will give him his rightful place as “first in my heart.” This is essential to true worship.

Message: A Heart-Check for Worshipers
Text: First Timothy 2:8-10
Pastor Steven Thomas


Hymn      Psalm 100

Note: Psalm 100 calls all people to worship our Maker with joy and thanksgiving. It extols his greatness and goodness, as well as the abiding character of his Word. It serves as an appropriate response to a sermon on proper worship.

Prayer Response:      Mark Buhr

Benediction:      John Miles