Order of Service, November 12, 2023


It is our joy to welcome a guest missionary this weekend. He and his family will participate in the evening service. The morning service addresses the Baptist Confession of Faith, Article 29: Baptism. We will draw our discussion of baptism from a passage appropriate to the missions emphasis this Lord’s Day.

The elements of the service will proclaim the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.



Call to Worship:     Psalm 96:1-9



Hymn (Insert)       I Greet Thee Who My Sure Redeemer Art

Note: We begin the service with this beautiful anthem attributed to John Calvin.  It rejoices in Christ, our Redeemer, and proclaims his indisputable and exclusive sufficiency for our salvation:  “Our hope is in no other save in thee.”   

Worship through Giving
Congregational Response: Doxology

Hymn (Insert)         Not What These Hands Have Done

Note: The beautiful poetry of the 19th century Scottish pastor, Horatius Bonar, captures the absolute helpless of the human condition. Nothing we do can “save this guilty soul,” not the works or our hands, the toils of our flesh; not feelings, prayers or tears. And so we sing, “Thy work alone O Christ, can ease this weight of sin.”

Scripture Reading     Acts 13:26-49

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn 455        Baptismal Hymn

Note: We sometimes sing this hymn during baptismal services. We include it in the service today to remind us of our own baptism—our public declaration that we have trusted Christ and are, therefore, united with him and his people. It also reminds us of the mission responsibility we labor together to accomplish.

Message: The Risen Christ has Given Us a Job to Do
Text: Matthew 28:16-20
Pastor Steven Thomas


Hymn        Great God of Wonders!

Notes: This hymn based on Micah 7:18 is a fitting response to Paul’s description of God’s gracious purpose that planned and provided for our salvation.

Who is a pard’ning God like Thee?
who has grace so rich and free?

Prayer Response:      Guest

Benediction:      Mark Williams