Order of Service, November 18, 2018

Introduction: Second Corinthians began in a rather dismal way with Paul defending his integrity and authority as an apostle. In today’s sermon text, Paul breaks off his distasteful taste to express his joy over the privilege of serving the gospel. His exultation begins in 2:14 to continues into chapter 7. One author calls the subject matter of this section “The Glory of the Ministry.” The last paragraph of chapter two lays the foundation for a biblical philosophy of ministry.

Our hymn selection picks up the themes of triumph and victory found in verse 14.



We encourage you to use the time during
the musical prelude for prayer and reflection.


Call to Worship        Psalm 86:8-10


Prepared Music (choir)        Shout to the Lord with a Song of Praise

Notes: The choir summons us to worship with a song appropriate for both the Thanksgiving season and the glorious joy that comes from our ministry.


Hymn 69        O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing!

Notes: Our voices are inadequate to express our “great Redeemer’s praise.” Consequently, we long for a thousand tongues with which to proclaim “the triumphs of his grace.”

Worship through Giving
Congregational Response:  Hymn 5… Now Thank We All Our God

Hymn 163      Look, Ye Saints

Notes: The Lord Jesus returned from the grave, risen, exalted. Our great privilege is to “spread abroad the Victor’s fame,” summoning all to “crown him “King of kings and Lord of lords.”

Scripture Reading    Romans 8:18-39

Notes: This famous and endearing passage moves from a description of sin’s effect on the whole of creation to the grand resolution accomplished in a re-creation. This is according to the plan of God and accomplished through Jesus Christ. The plan of God is eternally secure. In Christ we shall triumph.

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn HBC 34 (tune 585)   Perseverance

Notes: We rejoice in the Lord, as did Paul. “As surely as He overcame, and triumphed once for you, So surely you, that love His name, shall triumph in Him, too.”

Message        The Glory of the Ministry
2 Corinthians 2:14-17
Pastor Steven Thomas


Hymn 52        Crown Him with Many Crowns

Notes: With joy we anticipate the culmination of Christ’s victorious work—the day when we crown the Lord upon his throne. “Crown him the Lord of life, Who triumphed o’er the grave, And rose victorious in the strife, for those He came to save.”

Prayer Response      Jon Lont

Benediction   John Miles