Order of Service, November 22, 2020


In Luke 10:17-24, 72 of Jesus’ followers return from a preaching tour, rejoicing at the outcome. Jesus joins in with their enthusiastic joy, connecting their part his mission with the grand plan of God for the outcome of history. He also sorts their priorities, encouraging them to rejoice that the Sovereign Lord has made them His own; that they know God because they know Jesus.

The hymns selected for the worship service reflect that overarching theme of the sermon text: joy and blessing!



Prelude:     Great is Thy Faithfulness
Jan Buhr

Call to Worship:     Psalm 1:1-13



Hymn 13     Rejoice, the Lord is King!

Notes:  Charles Wesley’s exuberant hymn calls us to rejoice. It also reflects other themes found in the sermon text, specifically Christ’s ultimate victory over all his foes.

Hymn HBC 34     Rejoice, Believer in the Lord

Note: John Newton calls us rejoice because of our relationship with Jesus. By faith we see Him “always near.”

Scripture Reading    Psalm 103

Notes: Prayer has many facets. Our chief responsibility when we pray is to express adoration to God, praising him for who he is and what he has done. Psalm 103 is such a prayer. Let us join with David and cry, “Bless the Lord, O my soul.”

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn     Lord, ‘Tis Not That I Did Choose Thee

Notes: Josiah Conder’s hymn attributes our salvation to God’s gracious initiative, a theme Jesus taught in v. 21: “’Twas thy grace in Christ that called me.” He attributes our regeneration (spiritual life) to God’s grace that “taught my darkened heart and mind.” So together we praise the Triune God: “Undivided adoration to the great Jehovah give.”

Message:      Joy and Blessing in Knowing Jesus
Luke 10:17-24
Pastor Steven Thomas


Hymn 72     Glory Be to God the Father

Notes: Jesus taught that our salvation and mission are the gracious plan of the Father, made know through Jesus Christ. Our only appropriate response is to ascribe glory to him.

Prayer Response:     John Miles

Benediction:      John Miles