Order of Service, November 6, 2022


In our continuing study of the Gospel of Luke, we come to the end of Jesus’ Passion Week. His suffering has ended and death gives way to life. Last Lord’s Day we contemplated the significance of Jesus’ burial. We know that Jesus was really dead—but all of that changed as we will see in Luke 24:1-12. In this Lord’s Day sermon, we will retell the story of the resurrection and explore its significance.

The elements of the worship service this Sunday will offer praise to our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.



Call to Worship:     Psalm 118:22-26



Hymn 156      Christ, the Lord, Is Risen Today!

Note: Our opening anthem proclaims resurrection day. This is not just an Easter hymn, but a song appropriate for every Sunday. We call it the “Lord’s Day” because on Sunday he emerged victorious from the grave.

Worship through Giving

Scripture Reading     Acts 13:16-32

Note: The apostle Paul preached a missionary gospel message that placed the resurrection of Jesus Christ as the climax of the biblical story and the promises God made to Israel.

Hymn 159      Christ Arose

Note: This begins with a somber note; Jesus still in the grave. Then joyously it proclaims, “Up from the grave he arose with a mighty triumph o’er his foes.”

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn Insert       The Strife is O’er

Note: This ancient hymn declares the many things Jesus accomplished through his resurrection. And we respond, “Allelujah!”

Message:  He is Not Here, But Has Risen
Luke 24:1-12
Pastor Steven Thomas


Hymn Insert      Credo

Note: This hymn is based on the Apostles Creed. It declares truths that we believe, including the truth that Jesus “was crucified and, dead, laid in a borrowed grave; who from descent to depths of earth, the third day rose again.”

Prayer Response:      Mark Buhr

Benediction:      John Miles