Order of Service, November 8, 2020


As Jesus traveled through Samaria and on toward Jerusalem, he encountered three would-be disciples. They understood that discipleship meant following Jesus, but had not counted the cost. Jesus challenged their priorities, revealing the unconditional nature of discipleship. Follow Jesus. Nothing is more important.

The hymns selected for the worship service offer the same challenge to us.




Call to Worship:     Psalm 23



Hymn: Hymn:     The King of Love My Shepherd Is

Note: As loving Shepherd, Jesus leads us, providing all good things for us even though “perverse and foolish oft [we] strayed.” He cares for us and teaches the right path, “his cross before to guide [us].”

Hymn HBC 36     Here is Love

Notes: Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem for an appointed rendezvous with a cross.  He called his disciples to follow him on that path without hesitation or qualification. The third verse expresses the disciples’ priorities, “Let me seek Thy kingdom only, And my life be to thy praise.” The fourth verse describes the way Jesus leads us today, “In Thy truth Thou dost direct me, by Thy Spirit, through Thy Word.”

Scripture Reading:     Hebrews 11:1-26

Note: Faith transforms our priorities. The author of Hebrews describes the faith of God’s people in the past. They trusted the promises of God, believing that knowing and loving him is better than any comfort achieved in this life.

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn 342      When This Passing World is Done

Note: Robert Murray McCheyne helps us contemplate the greatness of the debt  we owe to our God. Only a thankful heart can motivate us to follow Jesus regardless of the cost. The thankful heart prays:

Teach me, Lord, on earth to show
By my love how much I owe.

Message:      All In
Luke 9:57-62
Pastor Steven Thomas


Hymn 384     My Jesus, I Love Thee

Note: We follow Jesus because we love him above all else. This is the essence of the Christian life—a love that excludes the old way of sin and is determined to follow Jesus without reservation.

Prayer Response:     Steve Eubank

Benediction:      John Miles