Order of Service, October 2, 2022


In the sermon text for this Lord’s Day (Luke 23:32-38), Jesus is led the place of his execution. The injustice continued as he was crucified between two thieves, scoffed and mocked. Some onlookers thought it amusing that the placard above Jesus’ head declared that he was the King of the Jews. But we know that the crown follows the cross.

Hymns selected for this service present a portrait of the death of Jesus, our King, and declare its saving worth.



Call to Worship:     Psalm 51:15-17



Hymn 46:     O Worship the King

Note: Based on Psalm 104, this hymn calls us to worship our great God, the King who is all-glorious, pavilioned in splendor, and whose robe is the light. With wonder, we remember God’s crucified Son through who He reigns over all.

Worship through Giving
Congregational Response:      Doxology

Scripture Reading     Psalm 22:1-31

Note: Christians have always associated this psalm with the death of Jesus. It contains the words of King David and describes a terrible moment of affliction he endured.  David’s words were a fitting expression of anguish in the mouth of the ultimate King.

Hymn 288      I Hear the Words of Love

Notes:  The “words of love” mentioned in this hymn are the words Christ uttered on the cross. In today’s text, we hear him say, “Father, forgive them.”

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn Insert      Priest and Victim, Jesus Dies

Note: This hymn beautifully declares the work of Christ from his death to his ascent to his throne. Jesus, the victim, went to the cross to serve as our High Priest. But crown follows cross, so we rejoice, “King forever, He shall reign!”
We learned this hymn earlier this year. If you are unfamiliar with it, you can listen to it here.

Message:  Priest and Victim
Luke 23:32-38
Pastor Steven Thomas


Hymn 137     When I Survey The Wondrous Cross

Note: The father of hymnody, Isaac Watts, invites us to employ sacred imagination to stand at the foot of the cross.  The view of our Savior hanging there turns our proud efforts to nothing and thus crushes our pride.

My richest gain I count but loss,
And pour contempt on all my pride.

Prayer Response:      Mark Buhr

Benediction:      John Miles