Order of Service, October 20, 2019


In Luke 1:5-25, we saw that 400 years of silence was broken. God gave no prophetic word to Israel from the time of Malachi until the Day that Gabriel announced to the priest Zechariah that he and his wife would have a son in their old age. This son would be the greatest prophet because he would serve as the forerunner of the Messiah.

In the sermon text for this Lord’s Day (Luke 1:26-38), Gabriel puts in a second appearance. This time he announces the coming of the Messiah to Mary. Her Son, conceived by a miracle from God, would be Son of David and Son of God. As King, he will rule forever.



Call to Worship     Psalm 86:8-10



Hymn 52     Crown Him with Many Crowns

Notes: We begin the worship service declaring the identity of the One conceived by Mary: the Lord of love, life, and years; the “potentate of time, Creator of the rolling spheres.” Therefore, we say, “awake my soul and sing . . . Hail him as thy matchless King.”

Worship through Giving
Response:      Doxology

Hymn Insert      Savior of the Nations, Come

Notes: Gabriel announced to the virgin Mary that she would conceive a Son to whom the Lord would give the throne of David.  He added that this child will rule over a kingdom without end. The ages-long hope of Israel culminated in this announcement. Therefore, we sing with Israel of old,

Savior of the nations, come, 
virgin’s Son, make here thy home!
Marvel now, O heav’n and earth,
that the Lord chose such a birth.

Scripture Reading      Isaiah 9:2-7

Notes: Through the prophet Isaiah, the Lord predicted the arrival of this King who would occupy David’s throne forever. He is a King like no other.

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn 51     Jesus Shall Reign

Notes: The angel Gabriel instructed Mary to name the future King Jesus. The King she bore is both Son of Man and Son of God. He will return one day to sit on David’s throne and his kingdom will “stretch from shore to shore.”

Let every creature rise and bring
the highest honors to our King,
angels descend with songs again,
and earth repeat the loud amen.

Message     Son of David, Son of God
Luke 1:26-38
Pastor Steven Thomas


Hymn Insert     I Greet Thee Who My Sure Redeemer Art

Notes: In faith we welcome this “King of mercy and of grace.” To him we confess and pray:

Our hope is in no other save in Thee;
our faith is built upon Thy promise free;
Lord grant us peace and make us calm and sure
that in Thy strength we evermore endure.

Prayer Response     Bill Cunnien

Benediction      John Miles