Order of Service, October 24, 2021


In Luke 17:7-10, Jesus continued giving instructions to his followers that contrast with the attitudes and actions of the Pharisees. This time, the topic is their role as servants of God. Jesus reminds them that the LORD is their owner and master. Anything work that the servant does is mere duty and can never obligate the master to the servant. Thus, we serve by his grace.

The hymns in this service will emphasize the complementary truths of God’s greatness and our unworthiness before him. These truths bring us to rejoice in the theme of God’s grace.



Call to Worship:     Psalm 100:1-5



Hymn 59        All Creatures of Our God and King

Notes: “Serve the Lord with gladness . . . It is he who made us, and we are his.” God is Creator and Owner of all, therefore, all creation exists for his purposes and serves according to his guidance. This hymn summons all Creation to honor Him with praise.

Hymn 278     How Can It Be?

Notes: The first two verses of this hymn contrast the heights of God’s greatness as Creator with the depths of his condescending death to save us. “How can it be that God should love a soul like me?” The answer is both simple and astounding: grace.

Scripture Reading:     Psalm 8:1-9

Note: Verse 4 in this psalm expresses the sense of wonder we have when we consider the Creator/creature distinction. Against the backdrop of his contemplation of the majesty of God, David cries out, “What is man that you are mindful of him?”

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn 54:     O Blessed God! How Kind

Note: We respond with praise directed to God for his kindness shown in our salvation, kindness undeserved and unearned. Why would he save us? The final verse traces the work of saving grace back to God’s sovereign plan. O blessed God, indeed!

Message:      Unprofitable Servants
Luke 17:7-10
Pastor Steven Thomas


Hymn 247      Amazing Grace

Notes:  John Newton, the author of perhaps the most famous hymn, never got over the grace of God that delivered him from his sin. We, like him, must continually remember the grace of God given through Christ. God, who owes us nothing, has given us everything through his Son.

Prayer Response:      Joel Owen

Benediction:      John Miles