Order of Service, September 30, 2023


It is a privilege to welcome Chris and Heidi Seawright and their family to HBC. They serve as missionaries in Thailand. Chris will deliver the message in our worship service.



Call to Worship:     Psalm 67:1-7



Hymn 27       Mighty God, While Angels Bless Thee

Note: This hymn begins with amazement that we mortals have the privilege of joining the angels to proclaim the praise of our mighty God.  In view of Christ’s “free redemption,” we resolve to break our “guilty silence.”  “Silent I can never be, for salvation’s wondrous story . . . .”

Worship through Giving

Congregational Response: Doxology

Hymn 150       ‘Tis the Christ

Note: Thomas Kelly’s wonderful hymn summons us to the cross of Christ, “to see him dying on the tree.”  The mournful tune perfectly matches the vivid portrayal it offers of Jesus’ death.  “Tell me, ye who hear him groaning, was there ever grief like His?”

Scripture Reading     Isaiah 55:1-11

Note: The prophet Isaiah offered a call of grace to the rebels of Israel, “seek the Lord while he is near, call upon him while he may be found.”  In our day, we also offer God’s grace to people in rebellion against Him. And we have full confidence that God’s word will not prove empty, but will accomplish the Lord’ purposes.

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn 163       Look, Ye Saints

Note: Thomas Kelly turns from Christ as “Man of sorrows” to Christ, risen and “victorious!”  On earth “sinners in derision crowned him,” but now he “takes the highest station” and we resolve to “spread abroad the Victor’s fame.”

Message:        Missionary, Chris Seawright


Hymn Insert       Come, Ye Sinners, Poor and Wretched

Note: We conclude this worship service with a hymn that gives voice to our gospel message.  As we await and long for the return of our Savior, our task is to summon “sinners, poor and wretched,” to come to Jesus. 

Prayer Response:      Bill Cunnien

Benediction:      Mark Williams