Religious Affections Catechism

Catechisms are a time-tested tool for shaping a child’s worldview with the word of God. Religious Affections Ministries has published a useful catechism that reflects the strongest the strengths of the historic catechisms. The author describes it this way:

  1. The catechism has deep roots in the traditions of Christians who have gone before. It is based on historic catechisms, including the Heidelberg catechism, the Westminster catechism, Keach’s catechism, Spurgeon’s catechism, and a few other recent catechisms.
  2. The catechism that is manageable to teach children and then regularly review through the years. It has 52 questions, allowing families to focus on one question per week and progress through the catechism every year.
  3. The catechism covers the most significant doctrinal issues, broad enough so that really any evangelical Christian with any denominational or eschatological position can use it (particular denominations can supplement this with their own specific Questions and Answers).
  4. The catechism helps teach core doctrines but also is personal, devotional, and addresses the heart.

You can try it out here (in settings, make sure  “answer” is set to “definition).