From Bethlehem to Emmaus: The Gospel of Luke (Page 2)

Luke 9:23-27, A Fool’s Bargain

Peter had just declared that Jesus is the Christ of God (Luke 9:18-22). In the sermon text for this Lord’s Day, Jesus began to explain the implications of trusting in him. “Take up your cross and follow me,” he said. To trust him is to follow him; failure to follow him has eternal consequences.

Luke 9:1-9, On the King’s Mission

In the ninth chapter of Luke, Jesus’ Galilean ministry began to draw to a close. In a climactic act, Jesus sent out his disciples as an extension of his own ministry, charging them to proclaim his message of the Kingdom and empowering them to confirm the message through miraculous deeds.

Luke 8:26-39, Who Is This (Part 2)

Luke 8:26-39 records an encounter Jesus had with a man possessed and abused by demonic forces. Several important themes are woven throughout the story. The demoniac serves as living parable of the tragic human condition. The story also points us to Jesus who alone wields power sufficient to overcome evil. Particularly instructive is the response…

Luke 8:16-18, Post Tenebras Lux

The theme of light runs through the sermon text for this Lord’s Day (Luke 8:16-18). Light is a metaphor for truth. The truth mentioned in our text has God as its source and Jesus as both its messenger and subject. Jesus called his hearers to listen carefully to his message because it brings both hope…

Luke 8:1-15, The Seed That Bears Fruit

People often suggest that Jesus told parables to illustrate the truths he taught. But Jesus, himself, explains in the sermon text for this Lord’s Day that he did not intend for his parables to illumine truth; rather, they concealed the truth. Only those whom the Lord calls into Jesus’ Kingdom will understand it and embrace…