Truth Matters

In his 2003 book, City On A Hill, Leland Ryken described the condition of our culture as a “new barbarianism” characterized by relativism and narcissism. These two ideas are inseparable. A society rejects the very idea of truth (relativism) with disastrous results. Then, in a world void of absolute truth, every person does “what is right in his own eyes” (narcissism, cf. Judges 21:25). As churches uncritically embrace the culture, the new barbarianism seeps in and begins to metastasize.

This sermon series speaks to this situation. “Truth Matters” has a double meaning. It can refer to a series of truth-topics, such as the 32 articles of The Baptist Confession of Faith (these are the subjects of our new sermon series). Or, it can declare that truth is significant. Indeed, we believe that nothing matters more than truth.

Matthew 5:33-37, Let Your Yes be Yes

The 23rd chapter of the Baptist Confession of Faith deals with “Lawful Oaths and Vows.” At first glance, the topic seems to have little current relevance. However, on closer examination, it has profound significance. Jesus even devoted a portion of his famous Sermon on the Mount to this topic, placing it alongside such topics as…