Sermons by Steven Thomas


Luke 1:57-66, The Voice of Divine Grace

In the sermon text for this Lord’s Day, Elizabeth gave birth to John the Baptist. When she and her husband confirmed that their son’s name was John, Zachariah immediately regained his ability to speak. The crowd that had gathered to celebrate the circumcision of John was amazed and wondered what sort of man John would…

Missions Emphasis Week

Each year at HBC we set aside a week to focus attention on the mission that we have in this world. This Sunday begins our Missions Emphasis Week. Traditionally, we begin the week with the observance of the Lord’s Table. Together, we remember Christ, whose mission is now our mission (Acts 13:47, cf. Isaiah 49:6).

Luke 1:26-38, Son of David, Son of God

In Luke 1:5-25, we saw that 400 years of silence was broken. God gave no prophetic word to Israel from the time of Malachi until the Day that Gabriel announced to the priest Zechariah that he and his wife would have a son in their old age. This son would be the greatest prophet because…