Sermons by Steven Thomas


Luke 17:5-6, A Little Faith

In Luke 17:1-4 (last week’s text), Jesus gave the disciples difficult instruction regarding forgiveness. Their response (Luke 17:5-6) was a plea for greater faith. Jesus taught them that God can do great things in the lives of those who have faith—even a little faith.

Luke 16:1-16, Pressing the Gate of the Kingdom

In Luke 16:1-13, Jesus spoke to his disciples, warning them against following the example of the Pharisees. Unlike the Pharisees, his followers must invest in the eternal good of others, display their character by faithfulness in little things, and resist divided loyalties, which is idolatry. The sermon text (Luke 16:14-18) tells us that the Pharisees heard…

Luke 15:1-10, Joy in Heaven

The sermon text for this Lord’s Day is Luke 15:1-10. Jesus tells two parables to an audience made up of society’s moral outcasts (tax-collectors and sinners). The two parables combine to tell a single story: Jesus’ effort to save even a single lost one (sheep or coin) and the joy that takes place in heaven…