Hebrews 10:19-22, The Divinely Given, All-Prevailing Basis for Prayer (Part 1)

We began a topical series last Lord’s Day evening on the subject of prayer. We showed how prayer is one side of a conversation between at least two parties, me and God. My part of the conversation comes to Him directly in the form of praying, and His part of the conversation comes to me indirectly through His written Word in the Scripture. However, we need to ask the very important question, “On what basis may I approach the living God in prayer? On what basis will He permit me to draw near to His presence?” This question naturally arises when you consider the great enmity that exists between man and God because of sin, and the resulting consequence of the separation of man from God. Man’s sin leaves him entirely helpless to restore his relationship to God and gives the fearful expectation of His righteous judgment. God’s provision of a way to remove man’s sin and to restore the relationship is man’s only hope and the only basis upon which God will permit sinful man to approach Him. This gracious provision is found in the death of Christ for man’s sin.