The Lord’s Table

This Lord’s Day we will observe the Lord’s Table by rehearsing the story line of the Bible. The story begins with God’s purpose in Creation. This sets the overarching theme of the Bible: the glory of God. However, soon afterward came the Fall, when we rebelled and marred the glory of God seen in his image-bearers. The Lord’s Table is a commemoration of the central point of God’s work of Redemption, namely the cross of Jesus. Finally, history will culminate with the Kingdom, when the returning Christ will set all things right in a new creation.

Sermon Outline:

I. Creation: God made us to put his glory on display. (Psalm 8)

II. Fall: Our rebellion marred his glory with deep ugliness. (Romans 1:18-25)

III. Redemption: God put even greater glory on display by providing forgiveness. (Romans 8:22-26)

IV. Kingdom: In a new creation we will marvel at Christ’s glory. (Revelation 21:1-5)